Infinity Series Cable Machines

Experience total versatility, at any speed! Unilaterally and bilaterally work any muscle group safely at any angle, at any resistance, at any speed through the range of motion. Resistance is always consistent, unaffected by speed of exercise. By utilizing the power of Keiser’s free moving pneumatic technology you can safely increase your power output as speed increases. This allows for intense functional workouts with zero shock load to muscles, connective tissues and joints.

Perfect for group, target, and core stability training! With multi user lines like the Infinity Six Pack and Triple Trainer you can use one machine to provide a workout that would take 9 machines from anyone else. Even better, the machines can serve every body type that may use your facility. Short, tall, male, female, husky, slender, all body shapes and sizes are comfortable using this equipment.

Keiser machines fit a wide range of needs! Physical therapists long ago discovered Keiser equipment. It is ideal for everyone, from the orthopedic patient through the performance athlete. Countless professional sports teams, performance training facilities, sports medicine professionals, researchers, older adult fitness centers, senior living communities, corporate fitness centers, and physical therapists trust the Keiser brand.


Performance Trainer Intro

Cable Bar Lift Progressions

One Arm Rotational Arm Progressions

Propulsive Lift

Six Way Hip

Stabilize Rotational Squat

Kneeling Cable Bar Chop

Resisted Vertical Jumps

Split Slide Board Squat

Standing Stabilized Bar Chop

Linear and Lateral Slide Board Squat

Propulsive Chop

Rowing Progressions

Split Stance Cable Bar Chop